Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are a huge part of what makes our charitable organisation unique and special. A large group of parents help manage and run the youth orchestra, creating a friendly, safe and supportive environment for children of all ages and abilities.

Our volunteers help with registration, setting up the rooms, moving the large equipment, running the tuck shop, sorting and repairing the instruments, conducting the risk assessments, managing the finances, organising the German exchange and much more. They put in a huge amount of work for free which allows us to keep our fees as low as possible.

The group of parents who contribute to the successful running of WYO is large, but the key points of contact are:

Head – Fran
Treasurer – Ran
Front Desk – Jo and Geoff
Safeguarding – Josh (tutor) and Geoff
Instruments – Geoff
Tuck Shop – Judith
Heavy Gang – Ross
Photography – Luke
Website – Ceri
First Aid – Fran
Hilden German Exchange – Catherine

Directors and Trustees – Fran and Luke