Hilden Musikschule (German exchange)

The exchange between the Warrington & District Youth Orchestra and Musikschule Hilden began in 1978, as part of the town twinning arrangements. Currently the exchange happens annually.  The last visit was a group of young musicians from Germany who visited Warrington Youth Orchestra (WYO), and we are looking forward to our next return visit to our friends in Hilden.

In October 2019, the Hilden group and members of our Symphony and Chamber Orchestras attended a residential weekend, enjoying music workshops, rehearsals and fun activities. The visitors were then hosted by families of the Orchestra, and had opportunities to experience the local area.  The musicians then all came together again for the Mayor’s Concert – always a high point of the trip.

We are very proud of our links with Hilden, and our affection for our friends there grows with each visit. This exchange is one of the real highlights of our year.  It’s always a wonderful opportunity for the children and a great cultural link for Warrington.

Places are held for Symphony in the first instance – make sure that you reply to your letter promptly! 

Details of the next visit

These will be provided as soon as we are able to arrange our next trip.

Hilden Musikschule

Hilden is a small town in North West Germany near Düsseldorf. The towns were formally twinned in 1968 (the relationship arising out of the stationing of the Lancashire regiment in the area).

Hilden Musikschule is a German Public Music School, being a foundation for the musical education of children, adolescents and adults.  As such it supplements rather than replacing music instruction in school.  Hilden’s symphony orchestra (which is made up of young people and adults) is called Sinfo.