Rehearsal times and dates

Rehearsals are held each Saturday during term time at Bridgewater High School upper site.

Change of entrance – Please note, the current main school entrance will not be accessible for the next 12 months, as Bridgewater High School are undertaking major renovations. Please use the next entrance/road to access the school and go around towards the back. 


Rehearsal times

Symphony, chamber, pre-chamber, concert band – 9.30am to 12.00

Junior strings and all beginners groups – times will be confirmed by teachers

There is a half hour break during the morning where our orchestra members enjoy a chance to socialise.  Our parent volunteers run a very popular tuck shop during the break, where children can purchase hot buttered toast, sweets and drinks.

Term dates

18th September 2021 to 23rd October (6 weeks)

6th November to 11th December  (6 weeks)

8th January 2022 to 12th February (6 weeks)

26th February to 2nd April, except Easter weekend 15th-18th April (6 weeks)  

23rd April to 28th May (6 weeks)

11th June to July concert dates (4 or 5 weeks)


Please check our ‘Covid Measures‘ page for further details and updates.